Piedmont Home Educators' Association

The Piedmont Home Educators' Association is a third-option home school group in South Carolina.



There is a wealth of resources all around you.  Make use of resources readily available to you in the community. The public library is a great source of books, videos, reading contests, and public speakers. Community colleges offer courses that your upper high school students can take for dual high school/college credit. Nearby colleges sometimes will loan out science equipment for short-term use and offer field trips on interesting topics. Local businesses also are excellent field trip opportunities for the children to see how products are made. Community clubs (1.e. Optimist’s Club) often sponsor public speaking or writing contests. Most state parks offer guided hikes and wildlife contests. Your local YMCA will often offer special group rates for P.E. classes. Consider the wealth of life experiences available in zoos, art galleries, museums, planetariums, and nature walks. Boy Scouts and 4-H projects, church choir, mission trips, family vacations, art lessons, and work opportunities are all part of the homeschooling experience.

Other opportunities are listed below


Activities Around Greenville

Roller Skating:
Roller Sports in Taylors -1st & 3rd Fridays from 1 - 3 PM
The Skate Place - 3rd Thursdays
Golden Park - every Friday from 2 - 5


Golden Park - every Friday from 2 - 5


Westside Aquatic Center - 4th Friday of each month
For more information call: 895-6017

Ice Skating:

Every Tuesday and Thursday at The Pavilion, from 1:15 - 2:45 PM.

Homeschool Mondays at Riverbanks Zoo - each Monday - Visit

Edventure Children's Museum - Thursdays -

SC State Museum Homeschool Day - 3rd Friday of each month. Visit

Charleston Museum - 2nd Tuesday of each month

Home School Support Groups
***Please remember***
Most of these support groups are run by home school moms.
Try to call after 3pm so they can get their schooling done. Be patient if you have to wait for a call back.

CHEFS - Carolina Home Educators Family Support (for families in the Chesterfield or Marlboro County areas)

(843) 537-9463
PO Box 322
Cheraw, SC 29520
[email protected]


Christian Home Educators of Easley

Kristi Brooks
[email protected]

Christian Home Educators of Laurens County

Judy Hunnicutt
864-682-7281 or 864-683-2703
[email protected]


Easley Home Educators

Tammy Weant 645-7846
[email protected]

Family T.O.U.C.H.

Angela Storay, Coordinator 864-469-0347
[email protected]


Fellowship of Christian Homeschoolers

Connie Jarrett
[email protected]

FCH on Yahoo! Groups


Teresa Wilson 576 0172
[email protected]

Pickens Christian Homeschool Educators

Deborah Shanley
[email protected]

Restoration Church Home Educators

Spartanburg area
Cathy Lawrence 578-4387 ext 71
[email protected]

LIFE Homeschool Support Group

Berea and Westside Area
Connie Foulker 233-1648


Located in Powdersville/Easley area
Karen Booty 335-9322
[email protected]

Pickens County Support Group for Special Needs Families

Sylvia Smith 859-0533
Jamie Sampson 868-7018
Susan Lait 868-3233


On-line support group for families home schooling children with autism.
MPH on Yahoo! Groups

Golden Rule Educators are Team-Players

Golden Strip area
Rocky Whitmore
[email protected]


United Christian Homeschoolers of the Upstate (UCHU)

UCHU is a Homeschool Support Group designed for Christian families who live in Spartanburg, Polk County, and Tryon areas of the Carolinas. We support each other through prayer, a discussion board and field trips.
[email protected]


Home School Co-ops

The Home School Resource Center

Martha Freitag 268-6880
[email protected]

HSRC Website

The Upstate Homeschool Co-op

Suzanne Brown [email protected]

HOPE Co-op

Cindee McKenzie 915-9147
[email protected]

Focus Co-op

Lori Hill [email protected]


Cynthia Parrish - 590-8274 - [email protected]

The Eastside Christian Co-op

April Bridges [email protected]

STRIDES Tutoring



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